Live Acoustic Music

Live Acoustic Music

Live Acoustic Music | Hollywood Contra Dance - Hollywood, FL

Live acoustic music is a joy to listen to, and it is even more fun to dance to! There is no comparison between recorded music and a tight band performing right in the room as you dance. A synergy develops between the dancers and the musicians, with each group building on the energy of the other.

Contra dancing is danced to music that a little bit Celtic, another bit bluegrass, and up-tempo fiddle tunes that keep you moving! Our house band makes the music come alive, with jigs, reels, and marches. For a cool-down, waltzes are played before the break and at the end of the evening.

Our house band Cornbread features a fiddle and acoustic guitar.

At the Hollywood Contra Dance, we always enjoy great live acoustic music and you will too! Come dance with us!

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