Learning To Dance

Learning To Dance

Learning To Dance | Hollywood Contra Dance - Hollywood, FL

The evening starts with new dancers in mind. The basics of contra dancing are taught and walked through a few times. Our instructors make sure that people unfamiliar with this type of dance quickly learn the beginning steps and enjoy it from the start. You are probably familiar with some of the moves: do-si-do, swing your partner, and circle left.

Believe us, if you can walk, you can contra dance. It’s not a contest! With this style of dance you move continuously from group to group and will never be bored. It is expected that you will dance with different partners through the night. The perfect mixer!

Our new dancer sessions are for anyone who wants to learn how to dance. Whether a married couple, an senior couple looking to try new things, a single girl or guy looking to dance, or a family with all the kids in tow, our newbie sessions are right for everyone! We will happily teach you how to dance!

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