Contra Dancing

Contra Dancing

Contra Dancing | Hollywood Contra Dance - Hollywood, FL

Contra Dancing is a community folk dance! It is as simple as walking to music. The Hollywood Contra Dance is South Florida's longest-running contra dance. The style is from the English/Irish/Scottish community dance tradition, which first took hold in the Northeast and parts of Canada. It spread throughout the US, and is the origin of American square dance. Contra dancers stand opposite (or "contra to") their partner. You dance with another couple as a group of four, and move on to dance with other couples in the course of a dance. The caller guides you through easy steps.

We have singles, couples, groups and families all attending our dances.

We are your one-stop destination for great exercise in a family-friendly environment.

Contra dancing is informal and non-competitive. We help our new dancers so they don’t get lost and pair them with more experienced dancers. We have a new dancers workshop before every dance. This makes it easy for our newbies to get their feet on the ground with a few basic moves. Our “pre-game” warm up gets out the butterflies and builds confidence.

Group dancing in South Florida has never been more fun. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and comfortable, non-marking shoes (or sneakers). Dancers bring a snack to share for the refreshment table at our mid-dance break.

Join us for a fun activity in a relaxed, alcohol- and smoke-free environment.

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